Wellcome to Mural Artist Los Angeles a Ricardo Alvarez Gallery of murals and decorative painting, Ricardo Alvarez is one of the finest mural artist in Los Angeles. This is your one stop shop for all your mural needs.  Ricardo creates unique and unbelievable work that brings life to any atmosphere.  As a fine artist skilled in all areas of painting techniques any job will look like a masterpiece.  Ricardo Alvarez is one of the best mural artist located in Los Angeles, call Us today for your personalized original mural quote by Ricky.


Browse our website to get great ideas for your mural.  Ricardo is highly trained to take your specific area and painting a mural that will work within the space and lighting.  Many clients decide in trompe l’oeil murals when creating an illusion of depth, erases transitions and adds another dimension to the wall.  Trompe l’ oeil paintings appear as if the mural continues and the flat surface disappears creating an optical illusion.


Ricardo is highly talented in trompe l’o eil murals and has created amazing kids murals that start as a floor mural and continue onto the wall creating a wall mural brings fantasy alive for any kids room mural.


As a highly talented mural artist room murals transform any room.  If you are looking to make a room look larger or add exquisite detail Ricardo Alvarez is your premier fine mural artist in Los Angeles.


Ricardo can create any kind of wall murals whether the hand painted murals located inside your home for wall murals, or outdoor patio murals, floor murals, ceiling murals he is a mural artist in Los Angeles that can paint any style mural.


There are numerous types of wall murals.  If you want a kids murals, or nursery wall murals they are often depicted with your child’s favorite storybook character or Disney scene to create an original hand painted mural.  Bathroom murals have many themes like tropical beach wall mural, window murals or a wall mural depicting the great outdoors transforming your bathroom into life.  Nursery wall murals are very popular with new parents wanting to bring beauty into the room for their precious baby with peaceful nursery murals or baby room mural.


Tropical murals are popular for a mural artist in Los Angeles since beach murals bring walls alive matching our southern California weather.  A hand painted beach mural creates a serine and peaceful atmosphere for any room.


For style and class Italian wall murals are a must.  With Trompe l’oeil murals you can create the illusion of colums, domes, and added detail that looks so real you will want to touch the surface.  Trompe l’ oeil murals can be painted anywhere you wish to add detail.


Ceiling murals bring a dimension into ones home that is indescribable.  Ricardo is a mural artist that can make the heavens open when he paints a ceiling cloud mural using the illusion of trompe l’oeil painting techniques.  He has mastered trompe l’oeil sky mural on ceilings painting angels to galaxies and space murals.  Any ceiling can transform into life with Ricardo’s skills as a mural artist centrally located in Los Angeles.  Give Ricky of the Art Castle a call today for your free in home no obligation estimate for all of your hand painted murals from home murals to school murals, kids murals to tromp l’oeil murals on ceilings.